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Don't Be the Next Nokia

Mik Kersten's Project to Product provides the antidote to outdated ideas on business and technology. He argues The Age of Software forces businesses to replace the old project-focused approach with a continuous product-focused value stream. Otherwise they'll go the way of Nokia or Blockbuster.

I read it so you don't have to. My summary covers:

1. Historical forces driving industry changes
2. Why products over projects
3. The Flow Framework
4. Surefire pitfalls to avoid

Do I Need This?

Wether you're a CTO, CEO, engineer, designer, or product manager you have skin in the game. Each person has a part to play. The question is simple: do you want to build a successful business? If the answer is yes, then you need this.

Do you like Accelerate or the DevOps Handbook? Then this course is the next logical step.


Hey, I'm Adam Hawkins

I teach businesses how to build and ship better software. I'm the author of the DevOps Course, numerous tutorials, and video courses. Most are freely available on my website.

I'm offering this course because I've experienced the pain points described in Project to Product first hand. Businesses don't have to work like that. Project to Product provides an accessible framework for everyone to get behind. Trust me, your business needs this.

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